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The Climate Unity 

'The Climate Unity' aspires to bring the young and dynamic climate enthusiasts from the community and act as a united front to combat crises focusing at the community level by focusing on Action, Education, Engagement and Awareness, centric to behavioral change.

Why Climate Unity?

As per the sixth assessment report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) approximately 3.6 billion people live in contexts that are highly vulnerable to climate change. Human-induced climate change is already affecting many weather and climate extremes in every region across the globe. Though Climate Change is a Global Phenomenon, the repercussions of it vary from region to region. Resolving Climate Crises requires contextualized and sustained effort at local level. 


With Climate Unity, Our vision is to understand and analyze the problems pertaining to climate change within our communities, our cities and take substantial actions by coming together. It’s high time that we as a concerned and conscious citizen take this mandate to combat climate crises in our cities because there will be no tomorrow, if we don’t act today.

Under Climate Unity, we are formulating a Climate Action Task Force (CATF)  in 10 cities that are on the verge of climate risk and require immediate intervention. We will be working and building our climate movement on 4 integral verticals.

Engagement: Climate Chain

Education: Clime-Pods

Awareness: Climate Campaign

Action: Zero To 1

Aware and involve people within your circle or outside about Climate change and take a pledge with them for a climate conscious living. Initiate a Chain of Change for Climate.

An Online Campaign to spread awareness and involve Climate Enthusiast from the community to join our movement. 

Educate and empower a child. Solve a Climate Case with a child.

Identify and analyze the problems pertaining to Climate Change within 1 km of your residence and design a tentative approach to resolve the issue.

Climate Taskforce

Join the taskforce in your city

Anyone above age 14 can apply for the The Climate Unity program. Together we can lead the climate movement in your city.

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