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Climate Change Education by Elementree Foundation

Our Impact

We believe in an Awareness to Action model. So far we have worked with 6 schools to run our Climate Change Education program and have done multiple workshops across several schools on climate change, waste management and environmental aesthetics. Our students have participated and presented their work in National Conferences, Summits and city-wide events. This gets really exciting to be a part of a journey to empower our Young Future Green Leaders.

Data Center

6 Schools

We have worked with Educators in 6 schools conducting training sessions and workshops for educators to bring Sustainability and Climate Change Education to classrooms. The resources, quizzes, and modules have been shared with more than 90 Educators across the country.

1800 Students

We have worked with more than 1800 students for climate change education and Climate Action projects in communities. Our resources and modules have been used by far more students across the country.

13 Projects

Under our Green Leader Program, students have initiated and completed several projects impacting the school and community. Students have used different mediums to spread awareness about Climate Change and have participated in several conferences.

Foggy Forest
Climate Change Education by Elementree Foundation

Due to the ElemenTree opportunity, I was inspired to start roof top garden in our school. My project got selected for KER National Summit.

Abdullah Pathan

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