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Climate Change Education by Elementree Foundation

Our Solution

Climate change is a global problem whose impact is now evident at the local level. The local communities are not well equipped to tackle the climate crisis and also lack motivated aligned youth to take ownership ahead to initiate local change making initiatives. We believe educational institutes play a vital role in driving, strengthening and initiating grassroot change. ElemenTree aims to work with educational institutes to empower students with knowledge about climate change and equip with 21st century skills & an approach to initiate local projects.


Our Story

The idea of ElemenTree sparked during a University initiative to involve young students to focus on Climate Change Action projects on the campus and with villages around. We felt how dedicated efforts at the local level could spark a series of changes and collectively drive grassroots impact. With our journey further working with schools, villages, and government we realized that we needed a platform that can facilitate this 'Awareness to Action' in local young leaders. We experienced how environmental sustainability is a behavioural issue and a behavioural change model from an early age can develop dedicated future Green Leaders.

Industrial Smoke

“We are the first generation to feel the effect of climate change and the last generation who can do something about it.”

Barack Obama

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