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Climate Action, by and for young women Green Leaders

“Any Society that fails to harness the energy and creativity of its women is at huge disadvantage in the modern world” – Tian Wei

Climate change has hit the world and no country is left in terms of impact in recent years. Its a sustainable development challenge impacting adversely communities and nations with limited resources. Climate change is making our world more dangerous. Floods, storms, of increased frequency and strength, are destroying lives, homes, and businesses. Severe droughts are stifling rural livelihoods. Sea level rise has put low-lying areas and island nations at risk.

The women are worst hit by environmental calamities due to a multiple reasons like higher poverty among women, more family responsibilities, abuse in society, etc. Often, women and girls are the last to eat or be rescued; face greater health and safety risks as water and sanitation systems become compromised, and take on increased domestic and care work as resources disappear.

Being on the front of the climate-change battle, women are uniquely situated to find solutions for grassroots issues and mitigate impact at the local level. In recent times, women leaders are leading the fight for climate change. In 2019, young leaders like Greta Thunberg, Autumn Peltier, Ridhima Pandey, etc. stormed the world with their activism and many of them even denied prestigious awards to prove that their fight is for action rather than for just recognition.

We believe the coming next decade will be the decade to listen out to our young girls and women leaders. The energy they carry along while designing, implementing and leading people to stand no comparison. During our journey in the past few months working in schools has solidified our faith in our ‘Green Leader Program’ where we are working to create local leaders for local problems.

The year-long journey has provided us with stories of change led by students that motivate us to implement the program across schools in coming one year and focus on empowering young girls to counter impacts of environmental degradation and climate change.

From a poetry session on ‘The Burning Corner’ story where our powerful girls led an initiative to remove the waste burning corner from the school and replaced it with a lush-green Garden.

Planting Saplings in monsoons

Reducing Pen Waste in School

Planting Rooftop garden in school

Our girls are equal partners and eventually will play an equal role in finding solutions towards local issues. We see the coming year working relentlessly working towards creating opportunities and exposure to our girls to achieve their dreams.

Wish you all a Happy International Women’s Day !

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