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The Burning Corner

Imagine the sweetest corner in your house and appreciate that corner for all beauty it hold.

Now imagine your maid collects all your house waste in that corner and puts it on fire. that was creepy ..!! right ?

I saw the same thing happening in a local school. That one corner near the playground; with huge side walls and a sooty texture of smoke on them and kids playing by the side with the warmth of the burning school waste. They inhaled carbon dioxide with each jump and wiped settled soot with each push. Children, they saw burning as a practice to get rid of one waste but were unaware of the havoc created up head.

If you closely think, this raises many questions about the direct effect on child’s opinions towards waste and public burning. I was really disheartened for something happening in a school corner because there were no municipal vehicles picking the waste from the area. When I started waste management or I even discussed about global warming, pollution etc. kids would come up with burning questions about ‘The Burning Corner’.

The Burning Corner signifies our failure to provide safe spaces for our kids to responsibly understand the implications of our actions and understand how drastically we harm our surroundings. This corner and several other such corners trigger a serious question ‘ Are we even creating responsible future green leaders ?’

Gradually with negotiations to municipal corporations and a session with house keeping staff , a vehicle is visiting the school on regular basis to pick the waste and making the play ground again a safe space to roll down for kids with no smoke and no soot.

  1. Written by Nikhil Sharma

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